Professional Tyre Fitters in Colchester

Europit Tyres is a small, independent family-ran business that caters to all of your motoring needs. Located in the heart of Colchester, Europit has been around for a few years, now owning 12 showrooms and workshops in and around Essex. Europit tyres are an extremely efficient and quick servicing company, which is something we’ve prided ourselves over for many years. Eurotyres has seating arrangements, and play areas for the children. At the Colchester branch, we also have a courtesy car available for you if you need it. Please ensure that you request the courtesy car at the time of booking to ensure availability.

Tyre Fitting 

We take great care when fitting tyres. It is important that it is done correctly and that the correct tyre is used to get the best possible fit for your car. Using the best possible tools we make sure to leave no damage to the existing alloys. 
We also make sure we rebalance wheels every time we fit a new tyre. This is to ensure your safety and also the comfort experience of driving. An unbalanced wheel can lead to uneven rotation which can cause for a bumpy ride and premature wearing of the new tyres.

As well as tyre fitting, we also offer:

  • Wheel/Wheel fitting
  • MOTs
  • Servicing
  • Brakes
  • Exhausts
  • Wheel Alignment

Unit A, Thorrington Business Centre, Thorrington Cross, Colchester, Essex, CO7 8FF

T: 01206 257365

F: 01255 225330

Services: Tyres