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Vehicle Servicing Colchester

Europit is providing customers with time effective, quality vehicle servicing for an unmatched price. Our team has years of experience in working on all kinds of vehicles and brands, providing a variety of services such as exhaust fitting, brake installation, MOT and wheel alignment. We have 9 different workshops and showrooms located all over Essex, London and Suffolk, helping clients with maintaining and improving their motorcycles, cars or vans. We are a family-run business that has gained a positive reputation for delivering quality services that exceed customer’s expectations. Whilst we’re providing you with a vehicle service, you can chill out in our family-friendly waiting room and help yourself to tea and coffee.


Why choose Europit for your vehicle servicing in Colchester

There is no better place to receive your vehicle servicing. We’ll make sure that everything is thoroughly checked through. Another benefit of using us is that you won’t need to get your vehicle serviced by manufacturer dealers. We will provide you with the same level of quality but for a much cheaper price. Our team knows exactly what needs checking up on and we’re more than capable of working on all types of vehicles. Making sure that your vehicle is serviced regularly is important as it will show you everything that needs repairing or replacing. Europit can potentially save you a lot of money and time as we can increase your vehicles lifespan by making sure that it is maintained correctly. Speak with one of our specialists to discuss your requirements – we’re very knowledgeable and have a huge passion for cars.

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